Under-Counter EHS-T1
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EHS under-counter dishwashers can be installed under the bar & cafe, in the serving area, or in a separate wash-up room – but wherever you choose, you can be confident they will always offer the same fantastic performance in a compact package. Ideally for 50 pax set up.

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Under-counter is a great choice because of its intuitive controls, cost-effective operation, and outstanding value. Its mission is to make sparkling glasses and clean dishes with impeccable cutlery. Your dream machine.

Product Benefits

Economical and efficient
The undercounter is extremely economical to run. Further, overall operating costs are reduced by lower consumption of chemicals and electricity. This is all with top-quality wash results.

Customized solution
The undercounter can be adapted to your space and your dishes. There are three different pre-set times programs, choose according to the type and level of dirt on the wash items. Or set based on special requirements.

Smart touch display with progress and program indicator. Single-button operation. Ergonomic door handle. It is easy to clean with two wash fields at your fingertips. The undercounter is intuitive and easy to use.

Cleanliness and hygiene
Sparkling and hygienically spotless. Visually unblemished. The undercounter guarantees flawless wash results every time. The highest hygiene and cleanliness standards. The highest quality standards and reliability.


Special Rinse Pump
Ensuring consistent rinse water volume and detergent use, cost control made easy.

Unique Rinse Arms Design
Flexible top and bottom rinse arms covering all angles enhancing wash performance.Unique rinse arm and nozzle design resulting in better cleaning.

Excellent Rinse Temperature Control System
Rinse temperature for every wash reaching between 65~85°C.

Flexible Wash Cycle
Flexible choices:90s/120s, satisfy different ware wash needs.

Digital Temperature
Front controller, simple button design and bright LCD temperature indicator, controller and display easy to operat.

* 3 built in pums Wash Pump, Rinse Pump & Drainage Pump are built in to ensure steady and high speed wash cycles.

Technical Data

Washing Capacity
Workload (Seats) 60
Racks Per Hour 40
Total 6'' Plate Per Hour 800
Electrical Rating
Operating Voltage (V) 220 / 380
Operating Amp (A) 32
Wash Water Pump (Kw) 0.37
Rinse Water Pump (Kw) 0.1
Main Washing Heather (Kw) 2
Rinse Heather (Kw) 4.5 / 6.5
Total Electricity Consumption (Kw)
(at water inlet of 10'C)
6.5 / 8.5
Operation Time
Washing Time Selection (s) 60 / 90 / 120
  (Adjustable according to soil level)
Water Rating
Flow Pressure (Kg.f/cm2) 1 - 4
Water Consumption (L/H) 72
Liters Per Rak (L/R) 1.6
Wash Tank Capacity (L) 15
Temperature Rating
Washing Temperature ('C) 60
Rinse Temperature ('C) 65 - 85 
Machine Dimension
Length (mm) 600
Width (mm) 600
Height (mm) 810 - 850
Weight (kg) 60

Main Materials Quality:
  • Heating Elements from Italy with 316 Stainless Steel
  • Wash Pump, Rinse Pump & Rinse Pump from Italy
  • Machine made from 304 Stainless Steel

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