Hood Type EHS-F1
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Consistent power combined with warewashing convenience at a reasonable price. A great choice for all washware, such as large plates, serving dishes and trays.

Hood Type

EHS Hood Type dishwashers is a pass-through dishwasher for all those who need Speed, Demand Premium Quality but want to stick to a budget. Suitable for many different environments including: bars & restaurants, hotels, catering companies and cafeterias. This is the perfect solution for between 100 and 200 diners.

Product Benefits

First-class wash results
EHS Hood type is able to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness regardless of how stubborn the dirt may be. The powerful warewashing system combined with the detergents ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality.

Absolutely reliable
The hood type is a dishwasher that provides all the necessary features for daily use: high-quality work, innovative technology and low errors. You can trust your machine completely.

Highly economic
The hood type is efficient washing: it uses less water, optimizes energy use and has a digital operation. The hood type reduces your operating costs.

Simple to use
The hood type makes it easy to wash dishes: intuitive operation, ergonomic handling, and practical functionality make washing a breeze. The hood type will make dishwashing easy for your staff.


Ware Washing system
The heart of the hood type: Four all ankles rotating spray nozzles. Thanks to the flow optimisation and the special nozzle geometry, they ensure that the water is distributed evenly during cycles. This ensures first-class wash results. Quality through to the final detail: Spray nozzles made from stainless steel guarantee the best rotation and contributes to the high reliability of the hood type. The wash fields can be easily and quickly removed for cleaning – without tools.

Smart touch display
The hood type cockpit is ready for the future: The heart of the hood type cockpit is a smart touch display. Single-button operation, language-neutral interface and self-explanatory pictograms. The colour display responds sensibly and can be used even with gloves. You can access all functions via three easy operating levels: one for the user and one PIN-protected for the chef or service technician. The display shows the progress of each wash cycle clearly. To ensure hygiene safety, the current temperature of the boiler and tank can be quickly accessed.

Hygiene concept
The hood type pass through dishwasher is designed to provide convenient cleaning and perfect hygiene. A special hygienic rack guide is included. The tank is large-dense and features a hygienic heating component. There are no hidden corners or hiding spots in the interior that could allow dirt or deposits to build up. The integrated self-cleaning program keeps the need for maintenance cleaning to a minimum. 

Customized solution
The hood type can be adapted to your space and your dishes. There are three different pre-set times programs, choose according to the type and level of dirt on the wash items. Or set based on special requirements.

Automatic continuing washes
The following washes will wash automatically without pressing any button, making it convenient and practical. This machine is easy to use, which is a great relief for dishwashing staff. You can close the hood and the wash cycle starts automatically. 

Special Wash Pump
Ensures consistent rinse water volume and detergent use simplify/reduce cost control.

Unique Rinse Arms Design
Flexible top and bottom rinse arms that cover all angles; enhancing wash performance. Unique rinse arm and nozzle design resulting in better cleaning.

Excellent Rinse Temperature Control System
Rinse temperature for every wash reaching between 82-95°C.

Flexible Wash Cycle
Flexible choices: 60s/90s/120s that satisfy different dishware wash needs.

Digital Temperature Controller and Display
Front controller, simple button design and bright LCD temperature indicator, controller and display easy to operat.

Technical Data

Washing Capacity
Workload (Seats) 100 - 200
Racks Per Hour 45 - 60
Total 6'' Plate Per Hour  1200
Electrical Rating
Operating Voltage (V) 220 / 380
Operating Amp (A) 32
Wash Water Pump (Kw) 0.75
Rinse Water Pump (Kw) 0.1
Main Washing Heather (Kw) 2
Rinse Heather (Kw) 4.5 / 9
Total Electricity Consumption (Kw)
(at water inlet of 10'C)
6.5 / 11
Operation Time
Washing Time Selection (s) 60 / 90 / 120
  (Adjustable according to soil level)
Water Rating
Flow Pressure (Kg.f/cm2) 1 - 4
Water Consumption (L/H) 96
Liters Per Rak (L/R) 1.6
Wash Tank Capacity (L) 35
Temperature Rating
Washing Temperature ('C) 60 - 75
Rinse Temperature ('C) 82 - 95
Machine Dimension
Length (mm) 650
Width (mm) 800
Height (mm) 1400
Weight (kg) 107

Main Materials Quality:
  • Heating Elements from Italy with 316 Stainless Steel
  • Wash Pump, Rinse Pump & Rinse Pump from Italy
  • Machine made from 304 Stainless Steel

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